Wonder Woman 1984

For me, this was a special project... Gal is probably the best presenter of our small country in the world. So there was no way to screw up. I hope I succeeded.
The Golden Armor presented in the trailer was the final nail in the decision :)
Tech data:

- 40 UDIMS live 4K texturing on a Quadro RTX 6000 in Substance Painter
- Face XYZ maps projected in MARI and then brought to Substance for future work (grunge, wound, spec, etc)
- Environment, in fact, was a lot bigger (you can see on the final screen) to handle a camera fly through but the render time was just too much for 1 machine. (The environment will be free on my Artstation soon for anyone interested)
- Environment 90% done from Quixel mega scans. (textures and meshes)