Witch "Gali" WIP 2

General / 12 July 2020

I get back to this lovely lady :)

Did a first pass on the pose. Still no clothing here... Will polish the pose more and add a dress after.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!

Harley Quinn - Student showcase

General / 30 June 2020

Character work in progress done by Natalie Goncharova - my student in the character creation class which I teach in www.cgtarian.ru

Black Cat WIP v04

General / 20 May 2020

Another progress. Clean up and skin shader rework. Started to set up lights according to the concept and oh boy, these lights are brutal :)

Thank you and see ya next time!

Black Cat WIP v03

General / 15 May 2020

Good night! Some more progress on this hot lady, the Black cat is dreaming, dreaming big here! 

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the weekend!


Witch "Gali" WIP 1

Work In Progress / 12 May 2020

Hello guys, another project and this time based on concept art by Junseok Kwon


Hope you like her!

Black Cat WIP v02

General / 06 May 2020

Hello and good night :)

A little shading update. Started from the suit, not the face this time. Just because well, her suit is 85% of a character and done right will ease my life with the correct skin tones :) Will keep posting, and thank you for stopping by wanderer!

Black Cat WIP v01

Work In Progress / 05 May 2020

Let's go, guys, first WIP, and first ever blog post here. Black cat based on concept art by Julia Kovalyova


The hair is a rough pass to understand the volume, direction, and root placement. After - I will generate curves from selected strands and convert them to Xgen guides. Stay tuned and keep safe!